MBCT is a well established Mental Health skills based group program that was developed in the early 1990’s.  The program uses elements of cognitive therapy ,  psychoeducation, mindfulness meditation, mindful movement and group work to develop a new way of relating to thoughts, feelings and body sensations. Learning this new approach and participation in the group has been found to help prevent relapse of depression in many people.  Although it has been found to be most helpful for those individuals that have had three or more previous episodes of Major Depression, most people experience a benefit even if they have not had this degree of severity of depressive illness.  It has also been helpful in people who have other sensations, including anxiety.

     Dr. Whelan received her training in Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy in August, 2011 from Dr. Zindal Segal, who is one of the developers of the programme, and Susan Woods MSW LICSW, a psychotherapist from Vermont who was one of the first therapists trained in MBCT.  Dr. Whelan has run approximately two MBCT courses a year since January 2012.

     The next MBCT group will take place 22 March - 10 May 2018.  Included as part of this will be a six hour silent retreat on 28 April 2018 at The Elsie Perrin Williams Estate, 101 Windermere Road, London

     Dr. Whelan’s professional fees are covered by OHIP so the cost to you is kept low. The cost for classes starting in 2018 is $90.00. This covers costs not covered by OHIP and is payable at the time of our initial individual meeting.  In addition, a $50.00 deposit cheque, only to be cashed if you miss a session, is required. This cheque will be returned to you at the end of the course if you come to all sessions and to the retreat.  Please see the 
Deposit contract for further details about this requirement. 

      If, after reading this you are interested in participating in the next MBCT class, please contact me  either through  email to drwhelan@mbctlondon.ca or phone (519) 432-8402. I will send you a document with more information that was written by the developers of MBCT.  If  you think the program would be a good fit for you please print out the intake forms found in the menu item
Intake Procedure  and  let me know.  At that time we will set up an intake interview at my office downtown at 186 Albert St., Suite 102; this meeting is to ensure that this program is appropriate to your specific needs and to answer any questions you have. 

     To our meeting you should bring your completed intake form, your course payment, your deposit cheque and contract and the blank consent form (which is only to be signed at the end of our meeting once you have had a chance to ask any questions you might have).  

    At the completion of the program, you will have the option to schedule another individual meeting to talk about your experience but the intake interview and the post group interview are the only times that we will meet privately unless a situation arises during the program about which it  feels necessary to meet privately with me.    

      MBCT is not a replacement for individual therapy and it can be very helpful to also have an individual therapist while you are going through this program to help process any material that may arise from your participation in the program, although individual therapy is not necessary in order to participate.  

     Participation in the group does not facilitate nor interfere with becoming an individual psychotherapy client.  My individual psychotherapy practice is full and my waiting list is currently closed.   

I look forward to meeting you.

Barbara Whelan MD MDPAC(C) RP